“The Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine” was founded on 12th May 1972 and registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 at  PANAJI (GOA).The Registered office i.e. the headquarters of the Association shall be located in the dwelling city of General Secretary of Academy.

The main aims and objectives of IAFM are:

1. To encourage the study, improve the practice, elevate the standards and promote the progress of Forensic Medicine.

2. To highlight the importance and raise the standard of medico legal work in relation to administration of justice.

3. To co-operate with other scientific associations.

4. To encourage and publish important research in all branches of Forensic Medicine.

5. To represent internationally the research work carried out in Forensic Medicine in India.

6. To advise the Central Government/State/Union Territory Administration and other Governmental bodies on matters pertaining to Forensic Medicine.

7. To organize and arrange meetings and symposia on Forensic Medicine and allied subjects.

8. To serve and administer funds, grants, endowments for the furtherance of research in Forensic Medicine.

9. To own and acquire, administer and dispose of properties movable and Immovable of the Academy.

10.The Academy shall not make any project nor award bonus to any of its members but may pay remuneration to members of its permanent staff. In addition, it may award prizes for research grants to Individuals and organizations for the advancement of Forensic Medicine. Membership of the society is lifetime after approval. All the life members get copy of journal free during their life. Membership is restricted to medical professionals at present from India as well as abroad.